The Science of Legally Blond…


Science Camp, Diet Foods and Legally Blond!

Trent & Zoom at Science is Fun for Everyone camp!

So much going on!  Time to do a lump-sum blog to wrap things up to date.  Our family is now fully involved in the Wake County School System, YEAR ROUND SCHOOL.  And to be honest, we really like it!  It fits our life pretty well and Trent seems happy.  We just completed our first round of ‘track out’ where Trent was out of school for three weeks in October.  Like a good mom, I had him booked for three different weeks of track-out camps.  The first one we did was Town of Cary.  Great camp, lots of fun, lots of field-trips during the week, good schedule and fun kids.  Trent had a good time, he had to miss a few days for the funeral of my Uncle Mark in TN, but other than that, we were happy with the camp.  His 2nd week of track-out was BY FAR his favorite!  He went to ‘SCIENCE’  Track-Out camp at a great place in Cary called “Science Fun For Everyone”.  I heard about this place through an event I worked earlier this year through Carolina Parent magazine.  His week of camp was called “OceanAdvenshores” and he had a total blast studying ocean science, mixing mixtures and just learning, learning learning!  Here is Trent with his hermit crab, properly named “Zoom”.  His third week of track-out camp was done at LifeTime Fitness and was another good week for him.  So now we are tracked-back-in and looking forward to a good 2nd quarter.

Uncle Mark Orchid


As I mentioned earlier, my Uncle Mark passed away in early October.  He had a long and painful battle was cancer.  We hated to see him go, but his body & soul had done all it could and it was time for him to go to Heaven.  I’d like to say thank you so much to my friends and family who sent cards, notes and loving emails of support.  Two of my sweet friends, Renee and Heather, sent me a huge bouquet of sunflowers and this beautiful purple orchid.  What a nice and thoughtful gift of lasting love.  Thank you girls!

Cary Chamber Business of Women

The Cary Chamber hosted their Business of Women luncheon for October.  The speaker was Trish Vulpis, a registered dietician from WakeMed.  Trish gave a fantastic talk on “Nutrition Know How”.  We’ve all heard speakers on food, healthy, diet, etc. before, but she gave a nice twist on the topic.  She didn’t make us feel guilty for eating and enjoying Prestonwood Country Club’s huge buffet of awesome food!  She talked to us about enjoying our food and to consider why and when we are eating…what are the motivating factors…things to think about for sure!  I was happy to see so many wonderful Cary Chamber friends!  Here is a picture of me with Trish and Autumn LaBarca (the NEW Marketing and Public Relations Director for White Tiger Taekwondo)! 

 Thank you to My Girlfriend’s Closet for the beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg dresses that I wore to the Cary Chamber Business of Women and also the one that I have on in the picture with the orchid for my Uncle Mark.   My Girlfriend’s Closet carries all types of designer labels and brands.  Great place to shop and even better prices!  They have two stores, downtown Cary and downtown Apex and I shop at BOTH of them!

Legally Blond here we come!

Blake and I celebrated a few weeks ago with a very special dinner-date-overnight-stay in Raleigh!  I had won two tickets through the Cary Y We Build People Campaign to see go Legally Blond on Broadway and it was fantastic!  We started the evening off with dinner at The Big Easy in downtown Raleigh.  Great place to eat!  There was a live jazz band playing downstairs (we ate upstairs in the loft part).  Blake had a delicious steak and I had the salmon dinner.  Highly recommend their food and atmosphere for a nice dinner date!  The Legally Blond play was FANTASTIC!  The songs, music, characters and laughs were endless!  

 Thank you to My Girlfriend’s Closet for the beautiful Bebe black cocktail dress! 

Big Easy on Urbanspoon


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