Great Harvest Bread Co


COMING SOON!  Great Harvest Bread Co. Serving LUNCH!

Cam with Amy from Great Harvest Bread Co Cary

I just love a friendship that is rewarding and special…one of those friendships where you are really close in the beginning and then life gets busy and you stay friends but don’t talk or see each other as often…but when you DO see each other, you just pick right back up where you left off and catch up on life together.  My friendship with Paige Williams has been like that in the 12+ years I have been in Cary!  I met Paige when her family was FIRST opening Great Harvest Bread Co. of Cary nearly 10 years ago!  We were in the Women Business Owners Network of Cary and the Cary Chamber together and I loved watching her bakery grow and grow!  So now GHB Co of Cary has some even more EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!  Starting on Monday, Feb 27th, they sill start serving sandwiches, soups and salads!!!!!!!! SO YUMMY!!!!

Let’s Eat Lunch!!!!

Their new location will be 1240 NW Maynard Road (right down from their current location, which will become a gluten free bakery).   Today we had a nice sneak-peek of the salads and sandwiches when Amy (long-time GHB employee) stopped by our Smith & Smith, CPA office with a whole catered lunch!  Talk about being SPOILED by a friendship!!!!!!  Paige had called me with the news just yesterday and said they wanted to treat us to lunch!  WHO SAYS NO TO THAT!?!?!?!!   We have been so excited all morning and just completely enjoyed every single bite!  The menu looks fantastic and I know they are going to have much success!   Thanks for lunch GHB!  Go see them on Monday, Feb 27th!


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 Delicious and Sweet!

Betsy Smith

Betsy Smith & Becca Smith

Never fear ladies, the Cary Chamber Business of Women series is BACK once again!  They take the summer months off from the luncheon series, and while it makes good sense, it also leaves us ladies hungry for their awesome programs (and the buffet at Preston) to start again soon in September!  The waiting was finally over as Betsy Smith, owner of E.L.Smith Consulting and co-author of Second Blooming for Women, was the dynamic speaker today for the Business of Women luncheon 2011-2012 series.  The Business of Women is Gold Sponsored by Women Business Owners Network of Cary.  Betsy gave an impressive talk about “Claiming Your Value” and gave tips on how to negotiate like a powerful woman!  I sat with my good friend, Beth Donnor at lunch and met a nice new lady, Mary Beth Schappe of Scouting for Joy, LLC.  Mary Beth was there to show support for Betsy as she is one of  former coaching clients.  Mary Beth’s company is focused on elevating employee engagement and team cohesion and she can be reached at 919-559-2865.  She’s currently taking on new corporate clients and would love to hear from you!

Cupcakes by Karen
Cupcakes by Karen

My older sister, Karen, has a very blessed gift in culinary, particularly in the baking/sweets department.  The girl can make a cupcake look BETTER then a picture in a magazine!  I’m always blown away with some of the creations she comes up with for her girls to take to school to share with their friends (sometimes I was I was one of their friends at school so I could enjoy these delicious treats!)  So I’m always on the lookout for her of other people doing cool baking-creations so I can share them with Karen!  I met a really nice girl earlier this week at our WBON meeting named Lauren Emig

Cake Pops

Cake Pops by Lauren E. Emig

Lauren also has a true talent for baking and has taken her talent to the next-level and is starting a business!  She makes “cake pops” and business is called Sweet Treats.  She brought these delicious cake pops to the meeting for use to share and I saved mine until I got back to the office!  It was vanilla with white frosting and purple glitter swirl icing on the outside and it was totally delicious!  We want to help Lauren make this a success so please contact her at  919-805-1977 or to place an order!  She can do all types of flavors and styles!   

Bob Smith, CPA
Bob and his cookies!

Another sweet friend of mine (and a local business owner) Paige Williams of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Cary was kind enough to share a whole bag of Snicker Doodle cookies with our office!  I stopped by the bakery to see Paige and she said with a big smile “Here’s a bag of cookies to take to the boys at the office!” 

Great Harvest Bread

Cookies coming in the door!

Now Paige must TRUST me a LOT to think that the bag of cookies would make it back to the office unopened (and uneaten by me) but she’s right, they did!  The past few weeks around the office have included long hours as the guys have worked hard to get all of our corporate tax return extensions completed so Paige was right on target with a fresh bag of cookies to make them smile!  Check out Bob’s face with the bag of cookies!  Stop by Great Harvest Bread Co. and find out what makes them such a friendly sweet place!

Where is your favorite place in town to get a sweet treat?  Know anyone looking for a sweet CPA Firm?  Send them our way! 😉

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