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Rotary International Convention with 40,000 Friends

I honestly didn’t even know I had 40,000 friends, but after coming back from the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta (got home today), I really kinda feel like I do!  That’s crazy right?  Everyone at the convention was really friendly and even though I didn’t know all 40,000 of their names & where they live & the language they speak, we all shared a common smile and a passion for doing good in the world.  That’s the best part of Rotary after all!

Becca & Blake for Smith & Smith, CPA at Rotary International Convention 2017

It was really nice to have Blake along for the whole event and we had a total of 17 club members & families there from our own Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club.

Club members of Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club

The mornings were spent in opening sessions with engaging speakers on the topics of Eradicating Polio, Stopping Human Trafficking, and the role Rotary plays around the world in so many lives.  We heard from Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher and John Cena, plus Jack Nicklaus,  the Mayor of Atlanta and many more!

Lots of Rotary people!

Some of my favorite parts included the Google EndPolioNow Virtual Reality three-minute film called ONE SMALL ACT #ENDPOLIO, that was offered to the largest crowd ever at one gathering spot!  Pretty cool!

One Small Act with Google


Virtual Reality with Google and Rotary

I also really liked the Hall of Friendship, a HUGE vendor/booth area that featured Rotary Clubs, Rotary Projects, Merchandisers and Vendors all with resources for Rotary!  Being that this was my FIRST Rotary International Convention, I had heard great things about the Hall of Friendship, but seeing it & experiencing it for myself was just really a great opportunity.  I also loved the presentation of the Country Flags during the Opening Ceremony on Sunday…over 125 countries and some that I am ashamed to say I had never even heard of, let alone know where they are located!

Country Flags

Tour at SweetWater Brewery

During the afternoon breaks and evenings, we had dinner with friends at some really delicious restaurants, as Atlanta does have quite the restaurant scene!  We also took time to tour SweetWater Brewery and went to a comedy show at the Laughing Skull.

The Famous Rotary Pin Man

Thanks to Lois Cozart and her team at My Girlfriend’s Closet in downtown Apex for helping me pack a comfy & flexible wardrobe for the trip!  Comfort really was the key for this trip as most of the event were casual and relaxed in nature.

So it’s back to work as usual, but I have lot of wonderful memories (and photos) to help me remember how much fun we had representing Smith & Smith, CPA at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta 2017.  We have already made plans to attend the 2018 Rotary International Convention in TORONTO, Canada!  Can you find me hiding in the Toronto photo?

Can you find Becca hiding in the photo?!?!

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