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Michelle Muir, Running for Mayor of Cary 

Michelle Muir
Carrie, Michelle Muir and Sheila

I honestly believe that being a good community citizen includes being familiar with your local government elected officials.  This happens to be an election year for the Town of Cary and voting day is approaching quickly on Tuesday, October 11th 2011 (10-11-11 for those of you who like crazy-date-numbers).  Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know several of the candidates and finding out more about their platforms and areas of concern/focus for our community.  I’ve attended several panel discussions in which the candidates have voiced their opinions and ideas.  For the first time ever, I really feel like I’ve educated myself for this election decision.  Earlier this week, Blake and I attended a nice event for Michelle Muir, candidate for Mayor of the Town of Cary.  I met Michelle Muir earlier this year and we’ve had a fast-track-friendship develop, but she really feels more like a friend that I’ve known for years!  The event was held at the Guess-White-Ogle House (a historic landmark in Cary) and was co-hosted by Carrie Peele of Blue Diamond Limo and Sheila Ogle of The Matthew’s House in Cary and two other successful businesses

Becca & Blake

We really enjoyed the evening as we mixed with other local citizens and had the opportunity to meet some of the very nice representatives of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association), who have endorsed Michelle Muir as their candidate of choice.  I’d like to thank Carrie and Sheila again for coordinating such a nice event.  I also wanted to mention that Blake is wearing a shirt & tie that we purchased from The Men’s Kloset in Cary…a local consignment store for MEN’S clothing!  Stop by and see them! 

Pat and Becca

I was very happy to see my friend, Patricia Gregory of the NCCC (National Cervical Cancer Coalition) at the Michelle Muir event too.  Pat and I met earlier this year and she is a wonderful woman!  Pat always has something exciting going on and I really love catching up with her.  Pat joined the Cary Chamber earlier this year and is using it as a way to reach out to other members and get them involved with her non-profit organization.  Pat and I are brainstorming some ideas for an event/fundraiser that she is planning for next year.  It already sounds great to me!


Michelle Muir

Eye Opener Breakfast

The Cary Chamber hosted their monthly Eye Opener Breakfast this week (always held the last Wednesday of the month) and this month it took place at the stylish Umstead Hotel.  The breakfast included a panel of several candidates that are up for election in our area.  Here they are below:

Mayor:  Harold Weinbrecht and Michelle Muir

Town Council At-Large:  Zeke Bridges and Lori Bush

District B:  Jeff Foxx and Don Frantz

District D:  Gale Adcock and Don Hyatt

The panel was hosted by Steve Zaytoun and each candidate answered a series of questions that ranged from topics of downtown Cary development to their top three priorities for the Town of Cary.  Each candidate stressed the importance of their platform and encouraged the audience to show up to vote on Election Day, October 11th.   Typically the voter-turnout-rate is 10% for Cary, which is so sad to me. 

 So where will YOU be on Tuesday October 11th?  Hopefully you know, or at least realize the importance of voting (even in local elections) and you’ll either vote EARLY or you’ll show up at your designated voting station on October 11th to cast your vote.   Take a few minutes before you cast your vote and conduct your own candidate research…vote for a candidate that you feel like will serve our town well. Click HERE for the 2011 Cary Voter Guide.   Michelle Muir is a candidate that is certainly making sure her message is getting out to the voters! 


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