2018 tax laws


2018 Tax Changes & What that Means

Who thinks tax law is kinda fun?  NOBODY!  But who needs to learn and know about the tax changes of 2018?? EVERYONE!  Today Blake and I had the opportunity to share the 2018 Tax Code changes with over 60 realtors at Keller Williams Realty in Cary.   Our friend and client, Brian Hourigan of The Hourigan Group with Keller Williams Realty, invited us to be the Tuesday Team Meeting guest speaker at their Team Training Center in Cary.  This was a great opportunity for us and the room was packed with realtors!   Blake spoke for about 30 minutes on the new 2018 tax code changes and told them what to prepare and plan for and ways they can help their clients.  He took questions from the audience both during and after his presentation.  And the good news is that I didn’t see ANYONE asleep!  There has been lots of chatter from the news and media about all of the tax changes and it is a big deal as this is the largest tax code overhaul/change since 1986!!!!! Make sure you know what the changes are and how they will impact your family.  You can learn more HERE  Enjoy the photos below!

Blake & Brian


Full House!


Tax Code 2018


Blake teaching tax code 2018 changes

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