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Alicia, Angela and Becca

Alicia, Angela and Becca

Last week was the Honor a Teacher Awards  Ceremony, hosted by the Cary Chamber of Commerce Education Committee.  The event was held at Koka Booth Amphitheater at Regency Park in Cary, NC. This was the 3rd year in a row for our company, Smith & Smith, CPA to participate by sponsoring a school in Western Wake County.  A total of 27 schools were recognized, each with a particular business sponsoring the award for that school.  We’ve worked with different schools each year and this year our honor a teacher award went to Kingswood Elementary School, located in the heart of downtown Cary. Alicia, Sharon and I (all from Smith & Smith, CPA) interviewed the five pre-selected teachers from Kingswood in mid-April.  Our teacher nominees were (they were nominated by parents, teachers and the principal at Kingswood) Angela Browning, D’Ann Dickerson, Leanne Foster, Theresa Jones and Amy Liu.

Pam, Alicia and Ava

Pam, Alicia and Ava

All of these teachers were so wonderful and it was a pleasure to meet them and hear them tell us about their teaching careers & classrooms.  You just sit there in awe of all they have to deal with on a daily basis in the classroom… Some of their stories are so touching and so amazing.  You really have to give credit to the teachers of today!  I wish we could have honored ALL of our nominees from Kingwood, and it was a tough decision!  But we unanimously agreed that Angela Browning was our winner!  She gives so much in the classroom and also finds time to volunteer and do work within her community on the weekends too!  So at the Monday night Honor a Teacher program, Alicia and I were able to surprise and honor Angela with a check for $1,000 and a nice glass award.  She was shocked and very excited!

Bright sun but great weather at Koka Booth

Bright sun but great weather at Koka Booth

  A total of 27 teachers (and coaches) from 27 schools in Western Wake County were each presented with a check and award, such a great thing!  The Honor a Teacher program continues to be one of my favorite Cary Chamber events each year!  There were about 350 people present and the weather was PERFECT (thanks to Cary Chamber President Howard Johnson!)  Kuddos to Allison Wrenn (Director of Education at the Cary Chamber) and Carrie Cassidy (Vice Chair of Education) for all their work on this program!  Alicia and her daughter, Ava, really enjoyed the night too and were happy to see that Pamela Carpenter was the winner from Briarcliff Elementary School (she taught both of Alicia’s older girls).  Congrats to all on the Honor a Teacher awards (nominees, families and winners!)


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