Here little Piggy…


Ceramic Piggy Banks at Chick-Fil-A

Kids painting Smith & Smith, CPA piggy banks

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy went to Chick-fil-a Waverly Place in Cary, NC to get a fresh paint of coat!  That’s right…the ceramic piggy banks were BACK!  I was so pleased to be invited back to Chick-fil-a Waverly Place to once again have Smith & Smith, CPA host the Tuesday Night Family Night event.  We’ve done this a few times before and it’s really fun marketing event.   I took along 24 ceramic piggy banks, my paint supplies and some Smith & Smith, CPA marketing materials.


Piggy Banks out to dry

I went a few days early and set-up a small table in the foyer to advertise our event.  I thought I would be fine with 24 piggy banks but ended up running out in the first hour!  I had to turn several kids away and that made me so sad!  I love how creative all of my painters were this time.  I used a Sharpie Paint Pen to write “Smith & Smith , CPA” on one side and their name on the other side.  Last time I tried stickers on the ceramic pigs, but they didn’t work very well.


Sarah, Trent, Becca and Alicia

Thanks so much to Sarah Thacker of Thacker Law Firm for helping me out with the pigs.  She ran the blow dryer on the pigs (helped to dry all of that paint so that they didn’t make a mess in the kid’s cars on the way home).  We had a fun time talking with all of the kids and parents.  Thanks also to Alicia Angell (works at Smith & Smith, CPA) for coming by with her daughter, Ava, to paint a piggy bank.  See more pictures below from the event.

Blow Drying the pigs

Trevor makes a cool pig!

Ava and Alicia


Talking with the painters

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