ECU Women’s Roundtable Conference 2012


ECU Women’s Roundtable

ECU Women's Roundtable


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 2ndAnnual East Carolina University Women’s Roundtable Conference in Greenville, NC.  I went with my best friend and mom, Marsha Fleenor.  We planned to attend this conference months ago and were really excited about the whole weekend, not only being able to spend it together, but also being able to meet some other fantastic women who care about ECU as much as we do!  The WRC (ECU Women’s Roundtable Conference) was better than we ever thought it would be and there is so much to tell, just not sure I can do it only one blog post, but I’ll try! 

Marsha with Dr. David White


The WRC was founded in 2003 and stands on the motto of“Encouraging Leadership and Philanthropy” and acknowledges the contribution of women to ECU’s legacy and encourages new levels of commitment by women to the university’s future.  I’d love to tell you more about it, but I’ll let you read more on the home link HERE.  A majority of the weekend was planned and organized by Marcy Romary, Senior Gifts Officer and Director of Women’s Philanthropy for ECU.  We kicked off the conference on Friday afternoon April 20th and adjourned late in the afternoon on Saturday, April 21st.  It was a fun-filled and tightly packed activity weekend, but each part was wonderful and well planned.


The first activity on Friday involved hearing about STEMM careers by Dr. Evelyn Brown of the College of Technology and Computer ScienceDr. David White, Dean of the College of Technology and Computer Science made the opening introductions.   I’ve heard several presentations on STEMM before, but this one really dug in deep and talked about ECU’s role in STEMM programs.  STEMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine and is focused on Elementary to Middle School aged girls.  After the STEMM program we heard from a student panel from the Honors College

Honors College Panel

Wow…the three students we heard from were SOOOO impressive!  We were jealous of the Honors trips that they get to participate in, WOW they sounds like fun and great learning experiences!!!  Their advisors, Dr. Connor and Dr. Baxter (Associate Dean of the Honors College) also participated in the presentation.  The Honors College Students that we heard from were: Hetal Patel from Cary, NC; Kevin Kearney from Wilmington, NC and Karina Dierfol from Bervard, NC.    After the Honors College panel, we did a walking tour of campus led by none other than the ECU Ambassadors

Campus tour with ECU Ambassadors


I was a proud ECU Ambassador for all four years of my undergraduate degree at ECU and totally loved the experience!   Our tour guides did a fabulous job of showing us all around campus and pointed out some new things.  Some of the ladies in our group hadn’t been back to campus in years and they were excited to see all of the new buildings, changes and upgrades.  It was fun to hear the stories of “When I was at ECU we (fill-in-the-blank)”.   At the end of the walking tour, we had a nice snack and shopping adventure at the ECU Student Store on campus. 

Dinner at the Croatan

I got a nice new PINK ECU hat (thanks MOM!!) and  cool new t-shirts for my little boys.  We then heard presentations from the College of Education about how they work to 1) Prepare Educators, 2) Attract Educators, 3) Assess Educators, and 4) Teach Educators.  This was a fascinating part to me because I was never in the teaching department and they showed how technology now lets them work remotely with teachers all over the world because of online learning and web-based courses.  We then had a nice break before dinner.   For dinner, this was a treat!  We met with the other ladies at the Croatan on campus. 

Titanic Dinner Menu

The Croatan was one of my favorite hangouts during my years at ECU and it has been totally torn-down and rebuilt!  I was shocked at the change!  It now has a Chili’s restaurant upstairs (ECU students have it made….let me tell you).   Our dinner at the Coratan was a tribute to the Titanic anniversary.  The chef prepared a menu that was entitled “The Last Dinner of the Titanic”  It was a true experience!  During dessert, we heard from three women of the East Carolina University School of Music Voice Faculty.  Their voices were lovely and very unique!  So that concludes Friday.  Whew!  Now to Saturday! 

ECU Boat

We woke up BRIGHT and EARLY and joined the group for breakfast at the Chancellor’s House at 7:45am.  It’s always a treat to be invited to meet with the Chancellor, let alone to their house for a meal.  They had a beautiful breakfast buffet set-up for us in their dining room and tables beautifully set all over the lower level.  After breakfast, we were divided up into two groups of our choice for afternoon tours.  The first tour was going to be touring the Athletics Facilities and the second tour was going to the Underwater Archaeology Lab.  This was a really hard decision for my mom and I to make…we wanted to do both!  But decided on the Archaeology Lab and WOW…it was soooooooooooooo cool!

Archaeology Lab Tour

  We were taken to see the treasure from Blackbeard’s shipwreck!!!!  I had NO IDEA that we were going to get to see all that we did.  I’ll break it down to you like this: not just anybody can go to this site and see the stuff that they’ve pulled off the bottom of the ocean, right off the coast of North Carolina!  They are excavating it from the ocean floor and then taking it here in Greenville where it is being documented, cleaned and preserved.  Each piece can take YEARS to get ready before it can ever go to a museum!  That was really one of the coolest experiences and I’m so glad I got to share it with my mom! I made lots of good pictures and could honestly spend a week there watching them work and seeing what all they are doing.  It’s like this:  they find a big rock/chuck of ‘dirt’ off the wreck site, bring it back to the lab, run it through the x-ray and can tell what’s inside of that ‘rock’! 

With my buddy, Blackbeard the Pirate!

One example had a cannon ball, goblet and fork!  But to me it looked just like a rock!  They also had the cannons and anchor in the lab.  Really cool stuff!  After that, we met back up with the other group (they had a nice tour of the Athletic Facility) and heard from Dr. David Loy in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies on a presentation called “Scentsible” Solutions for Health.  It was about aromatherapy and the way it is being used to help patients.  We also heard from Dr. Lucas Carr, Associate Professor with Department of Kinseiology on some really cool athletic equipment for office space (whoever knew you could do an exercise bike while at your desk!). 

ECU Women’s Roundtable Murphy Center Lunch

For lunch, we headed over to the Murphy Center where the College of Business did a presentation on a professional leadership course that is offered to students.  It takes them through all of the skills that they need to know in order to be successful in the professional world (mock interviews, business dinner, professional dress, etc.)  Again, we had such a wonderful time and met some really remarkable women. That concludes our weekend with the ECU Women’s Roundtable!  We are looking forward to next year!



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May 8, 2012

Marcy Romary @ 4:11 pm #


Thanks so much for writing such a fantastic synopsis of the Inside ECU with the Women’s Roundtable weekend!! I am so glad you and your mother enjoyed it so much and I do hope you plan to attend next year and bring friends!!

Keep in touch and stay active with the Roundtable!


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